Community Circles

Next meeting

  • Wednesday, July, 14th, 2023 from 7pm – 8:30pm EST
  • Follow this link to join the meeting on Community Bridge
  • There is no need to install any software for the video conference.

Community Circle Objectives

We meet with the aim to:

  • ensure a safe space to explore our ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in our use and implementation of culturally responsive, decentralized, freely available resources and platforms,
  • encourage intersectional analysis of and organizing around digital tools and education resources as it pertains to our own work and learning communities,
  • engage educators, developers, policy makers, funders, designers, researchers, and lifelong learners from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities.

Once we meet regularly, we will define what success looks like for the group depending on our collective skills and resources. The objectives listed above are subject to change based on input from participants.

July Circle on Wednesday, the 14th

Introductions activity15 minutes
Defining our community guidelines15 minutes
Sharing goals, objectives, collective skills and resources20 minutes
Energizer/break5 minutes
Group reading and discussion of an excerpt of “Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain” by Zaretta Hammond20 minutes
Generate next steps and actions10 minutes
Give thanks5 minutes

If you have time before the meeting, you can read Chapter 9: Creating a Culturally Responsive Community for Learning; however, this is not necessary to participate in Circle.

August Circle on Wednesday, the 9th

Check-in activity5 minutes
Review our community guidelines5 minutes
Group viewing and discussion of presentation from the Open Education conference30 minutes
Energizer/break5 minutes
Group reading and discussion of an article from the Library Freedom Project30 minutes
Delegation of responsibilities10 minutes
Plus/delta: one thing that went well and one thing to change5 minutes