Increasingly, we are learning in digital spaces, so we must require free, ethical software and freely licensed resources.


I’m happy to facilitate learning circles focusing on free cultural works and free software for organizations and demonstrate how to continue running their own Circles. If you have not participated in a Circle previously, you can think of a Circle as a collective learning tool as opposed to a presenter/audience style training.

Each learning circle can incorporate a combination of any of the following and more:

Community centered conversations

  • Asking questions about why free licensing matters
  • Raising concerns about the types of technology and resources being used in your community
  • Brainstorming how to be present and available for marginalized communities
  • Acknowledging the negative and positive impacts communities face in digital spaces
  • Reflecting on intersectional readings addressing these topics

Show & Tell

  • an introduction to free and open licenses
  • organizing culturally relevant curriculum, materials and guides with open education resources
  • getting started on using a specific free software alternative
  • sharing techniques for introducing students, colleagues and administrators to new technology
  • transferring curriculum to a new learning management system
  • circulating free cultural works for specific types of classes

Event organizing

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Vendor management
  • Sponsor acquisition
  • Event scheduling
  • CRM and CMS software
  • Relationship-building
  • Volunteer management

More services

  • Nonprofit project management with CRMs
  • Policy analysis and program evaluation
  • Organizational ethnography and case studies
  • Group and one-on-one digital literacy sessions for educators
  • Analysis of assessment tools and materials

How colleagues have described my work:

“The deft combination to execute and to innovate, responding to the lived experiences of our candidates with technology distinguished Mariah’s work. She pushed us to imagine what is possible with online learning. Her classroom teaching experience deeply informed the design and the experiences our candidates were afforded. She encouraged us to use free/open-source software as an integral part of our overall mission to provide teacher training in a radically just environment, allowing for our ownership of the program data.” – Abdi Ali Ed.D, Executive Director of WriteBoston

Fees are on a sliding scale basis.

info at wonderfreely dot net