I was studying technology in education. I watched a video about free software and its importance in education while I was studying abroad on a scholarship. That was thanks to a fellowship I had that aimed to help black and brown students work on public policy.

Anyway, someone a few days later showed me how to install a free operating system at a conference I miraculously ended up attending. That someone is now my life partner.

I’m now an educator and organizer using free software when I can and helping others do so too.

If we meet, ask me about it!

It’s one of my favorite personal stories.

What is free software?

How can I benefit from free software?

How much time does it take to benefit from software freedom?

If I only make a few changes, is it even worth it?

Why should I care?

If I don’t have anything to hide, what’s the point?

What if I don’t want to share?

How does it affect me personally?

How does it affect my children?

Do I need to buy a new laptop?

A new cell phone?

I can’t afford to switch phones/laptops right now, so how can I make the most of my situation?

Are you saying I have to stop using Google?

What’s the big deal with Ring?

How does my current software use affect my future?

How do I block trackers?

How do I support media artists, content creators if I block ads?

How will I know what’s going on with my family and friends?

Where will I store all of my documents?

Is there a way to use free software without making sacrifices?

What are the sacrifices I have to make in order to use free software?

If I don’t understand coding, why does it matter if I can’t see the source code?

What about JavaScript now?

If practically everyone on the Internet uses JavaScript, why on Earth would I block it?

Where would I find all of the memes if I only use free software?

Why would I stop using Photoshop?

How can I collaborate on docs if I stop using Google Docs?